In 2007, I was ‘accidentally’ proposed to oriental dance.

Now, for me belly dancing is, being aware of your body in a different way than you're used to, it comes to elegance, proud and confident move, in short… you are aware of your femininity.

Pretty soon I was part of the dance group , for me an honour and a big part of my life. Oriental dance is my biggest passion ever! Again and again I'm just step into the skin of my "other self" and in another world.

Beautiful to this dance form is that you can show with your body, rhythm and emotion.  All styles speak for themselves and are beautiful, such as Modern Belly Dance, Drum Solos, but my preference is for the traditional Egyptian dance, Balady and Saïdi.

Besides dancing it's also a challenge for me to design and make some of my costumes by myself.

I am one of the lucky ones who followed workshops from Reza Farnoush, Serena & Hossam Ramzy and Jillina Carlano… and there will certainly be many more workshops.

I am also very grateful to Samirah’ because.....  I learn from her every week!

I am proud to mention that I had the opportunity to dance in Turkey and Tunisia.

About myself I can say, for me  it's easy to totally dedicate to continually develop myself, because there is so much more.... and I want to learn it all!

Tebrik, Greeting, Gruß, Accueil, Saludo, Greeting,